Intellectual Property

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IP Board was born from the idea of providing companies with the technical expertise they need regarding IP matters using both a business and strategic approach. Having acquired sound in-house experience, our purpose is to find innovative solutions that will save both time and money to IP and Legal Departments.   We develop new and effective processes, creating tools tailored to audit our client's Intellectual property portfolios ; we can then provide targeted strategies that will improve and enhance these portfolios. We work closely with our clients and propose not only useful reporting tools but also tools that can be shared with other departments and top management.   Much more than a simple IP law firm, IP Board's mission is to understand its clients’ real needs, align proposed solutions and its services with the company’s organisation and the essential requirements of today’s world. We consider that our mission is complete when IP department managers are in a position to clearly and precisely present the benefit and value of their IP portfolios to top management.